Before you try to know more about a true love firstly have you asked your self what is love?

What is love?

It's obviously that 50% of people don't know the meaning of love,

Love can be define as a strong feeling of deep affection, intereste and pleasure over something or human the other hand love can also be define as a strong attraction towards some one or anything.

Types of love

Specifically we have about 5 main types of love
(1) agape 
(2)storge love
(3) self love
(4)pragma love
(5) philia love
I will be talking about "philia love", 

What is philia love:

Philia love can be define as a love of attraction towards your follow human being"relationship" it's often translated as the "highest form of love"it can also be called a love of phobia it's also a love of partnership (dating).it is obvious that we don't know when someone is dating another it is called a "philia love" a love which a boy feals towards a girl,a love husband feels for his wife or anything that has to do with relationship it can be of masculine and feminist genders and it is the most popular love in this 21 century

How to find a true love

I have seen many people asking"how can I find a true love or how can I know someone truely loves me" there are some certain things to know about finding a true lover,here are some certain things to consider

(1) they're always happy and comfortable with staying with you

This is the first sign you have to know when someone truely loves you he or she will always be happy and comfortable being with you,they like being around you talking with you and always like to know your opinion towards them

(2) they always listen to you

This is another sign to show that someone truely loves you they always take your advice, I mean share some words with you,they like telling you their opinion and always listen to your advice they will make sure that listen to whatever reasonable you say and put it into action

(3) they trust you

This is an important thing you should know when finding a true love,they always easily trust you, they believe in you.

(4)they must not be after your physical wealth

Another important thing to know when finding a true,they don't think about your physical wealth,about 70% of people fall into victim because their patners are after physical wealth such as money and others, your partner will not be after your wealth instead your natural lifestyle such as the way you behave,eat smile and other they get amazed seeing you behaving according to your lifestyle

(5)they always gives you an advice

When you find a true love he/she must be giving you a specific and important advise they will try to tell you their own opinions they try to educate you with their moral mentality they don't want  you to fall into victim of anyone so they encourage you always and make you brave

(6)they hide nothing from you

Anybody that truely loves you will tell you everything about them,they make sure you understand what's going on, they can't afford to lie for you or when it suddenly occurres they seek for forgiveness they want you to know everything you need to know

(7)they get jealous seeing you with another person

This has raised a serious debate between individuals but the truth is that who so ever that loves you tries to know everything about you,they aren't careless and selfish they care about you and they will like to prevent anything that might take your interest away from them ,so they get a little bit jealous

(8) they don't keep you behind they like their families and friends to know you

This is another important thing to tell you that someone truely loves you they don't keep your relationship secret,they want their family members and friends to notice you they makes it wild

(9) they don't like seeing you sad

This will tell you that someone truely loves you,they always want you to be happy and hate seeing you sad, they try to know what you problem is and figure it out if possible they always be in pain seeing you sad

(10) they often like to interact with you

A person that truely loves you must easily want to enteract with you, I mean they raise unnecessarily conversations just to get you talking and happy

The person that match all this option listed here truely loves you

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