In Owo, Ondo State, near where gunmen assaulted a Catholic Church, bullets were heard on Wednesday night at a construction company.

According to a reporter whose name is Odunlami she said that their was a shooting incident in Craneburg Construction Company but not yet verified if the gunmen are terrorists or bandits.

She stated, "Tonight, there was a shooting incident at Craneburg Construction Company Owo, Policemen are currently at the scene, victims have been transported to the hospital, and they are in stable condition.

The EOD guys of the command will arrive at the area early on Thursday morning, but we are unable to estimate the number of casualties at this time or confirm that it was a terrorist attack using explosive devices.

Police officers confirmed that some people had been hurt during the attack, which was said to have occurred at Craneburg Construction Company in Owo.

On Wednesday night, the nation police command confirmed the improvement in a tweet on its Twitter account.

The tweet reads, "Tonight, there was a photographing incident at Craneburg Construction Company, Owo, Police officers have arrived at the site in modern times, and the victims have been brought to a hospital where they are doing well.

Gunmen are yet to be verified if they're Terrorists or Bandits