Looking at Quality of Life rankings is a fantastic way to determine how safe and affordable a country is for its citizens, whether you're looking for a safe place to vacation to or thinking about relocating and living abroad. The elements considered in Numbeo's Quality of Life Index for 2022 include the purchasing power of citizens in each nation, access to healthcare, safety, cost of living, the price of real estate relative to household income, traffic commute times, pollution levels, and the climate index. These nations are ranked among the top ten in the world for quality of life by Numbeo based on data for mid-2022.

 1. Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest Quality of Life ranking on Numbeo for 2022, with a score of 195.06. The buying power index, cost of living, and fair property price to income ratio all obtain top marks for Switzerland. It has a high ranking for healthcare and is ranked among the safest nations in the world. There is amazing scenery, outdoor recreation, delicious food, and there are low crime rates here. This lovely European nation is likely to have what expats seeking permanent residence are looking for.

2. Denmark

The Scandinavian nation of Denmark will have the second-highest Quality of Life ranking in the world in 2022, with a score of 94.15. On the healthcare index, Denmark was rated as having one of the highest scores. In fact, among the top 10, it was deemed to be the greatest for healthcare. According to Numbeo, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are the only countries that rank higher in healthcare than Denmark. The nation outperforms the top nation on this list in terms of climate index while placing nearly on par with Austria and Finland in terms of safety. The world's happiest nation, according to popular belief, is Denmark.

3. Netherlands 

The Netherlands, a country in Western Europe, will rank third in the world for Quality of Life in 2022 with a score of 191.46. All areas, including healthcare, safety, purchasing power, and climate index, give the nation excellent results. In order to make college tuition more reasonable, the Netherlands provides both national health insurance and subsidized higher education. Netherlands

4. Australia

Australia received a score of 190.72, ranking it fourth in the world for quality of life in 2022. Australia ranks highly on the cost of living index and has the second-best buying power index score of any country on the list. Australia behind the EU nations on the list in terms of safety index ranking, which is on par with New Zealand's. Australia outperforms the top nation on the list in this category and obtains a strong rating for its healthcare system.

5. Finland

Finland ranks fifth globally for Quality of Life, earning a score of 186.84. The nation outperforms the top country on the list for healthcare and has a high buying power index. The Finnish Constitution guarantees that government agencies offer citizens adequate social, health, and medical services. The goal of Finland's healthcare system is to extend citizens' lives and raise the country's standard of living.

6. Iceland

With a score of 184.48 in 2022, Iceland is placed sixth globally for having the highest quality of life, a major improvement over Norway. Despite having a lower income to property price ratio than other top 10 countries, Iceland has a strong cost of living to income ratio. Iceland's excellent ranking for quality of life is largely due to its high safety rating. Iceland has continuously been regarded as the safest nation in the world by the Global Peace Index.

7. Norway

Norway ranked seventh in the Quality of Life Index for 2022 with a score of 179.63. In terms of healthcare and cost of living, it is among the top 10 places. In Norway, citizens are automatically enrolled in the free universal healthcare system. Due to Norway's public institutions still charging no tuition, education is also affordable.

8. Germany

Germany, another nation in Europe, is ranked number 8 on Numbeo's Quality of Life Index with a score of 178.32. The results show that Germany has one of the finest property price to income ratios among the top 10 countries, making land ownership viable. Germany has one of the highest buying power index scores among the top 10 nations. Compared to Austria, Germany scores better on the traffic commute time and temperature indices but lower on the safety and healthcare indices.

9. Austria

Austria, a country in Europe, ranks ninth overall with a score of 178.06. Although the cost of living in Austria is exceptionally high, it is more feasible to buy land than it is in New Zealand due to a superior property price to income ratio. Additionally, the nation receives top marks for safety and healthcare.


10. New Zealand

With a score of 176.83 on Numbeo's quality of life index, New Zealand enters the top 10 countries with the highest quality of life in 2022 starting at number 10. New Zealand outperforms other nations in the top 10 for its low traffic commute times and climate index, despite the fact that the expense of living there is still high. Only 0.2 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are produced by New Zealand, which was one of the first countries to declare its intention to achieve carbon neutrality in the future.