On Saturday, the Nigeria Police Force refuted accusations that a kidnapping nest existed in the Federal Capital Territory.

After videos revealing such information went viral, Force Spokesperson CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi revealed it via his Twitter page.

Videos posted online purportedly depicted a burning bush area along the Goodluck Jonathan expressway, which may have been a hideout for potential kidnappers and criminals waiting to attack their victims.

According to the recordings, these thieves target unsuspecting commuters whose cars may have broken down along the route, loot them of their possessions, and flee into the nearby forest.

The people who recorded the video also asserted that the police's destruction of a kidnapper's hideout they found in the axis was what caused the flame from the burning shrub.

Another video included two horrifyingly hurt criminals who were allegedly killed during the raid operation, but Adejobi refuted the claims made in the video.

False News: No kidnappers' hideout was found close to the NPF Headquarters in Garki, Abuja, he tweeted. In no way. The news or video being circulated was merely false information and a cunning move by the state's opponents to instill constant terror in FCT inhabitants and Nigerians as a whole.

"Let me still stress that the police command in the FCT, on the IGP's orders, has begun an aggressive search of "black spots" and the demolition of several "shanties that may be hiding places for criminals in Abuja.

"Therefore, there is no need for fear since we have taken the required steps to put an end to the activities of hoodlums and criminal elements in the FCT and throughout Nigeria. Thanks.”

On August 3, the FCT Police Command reported that it had conducted a raid on uncared-for bushes and abandoned buildings in the city's core and surrounding areas.

The military had also refuted reports that a kidnapper's nest was located in the area, thus it advised the locals to continue about their regular lives.

It promised to properly police the city, which has been visibly overcast by anxiety and the worry of terrorist attacks.

The Whistler's investigations revealed that police spies are now more frequently observing the city.

Given the volume of escaping prisoners following the Kuje Corrections jailbreak, security personnel are stationed in greater numbers in the FCT's "dark spot" areas like Berger Bridge, Sheraton Wuse Zone 4, Central Mosque, and the AYA barracks. Despite this, stop and search operations are not as thorough in these locations.

Police officers only stop automobiles to check the people inside with a security touch light before asking them to continue.

Since the jailbreak at the Kuje Correctional Center more than a month ago, tensions in the city and neighboring states have increased in tandem with numerous security agency reports of terrorist attack plans for the North Central and North West States.

As a result, motorbikes were prohibited by the FCT command and the Inspector-General of Police Usman Alkali Baba ordered a ban on drone flying inside the city.

While Benue Governor Samuel Ortom promised to buy Ak-47 and other riffles for the new state's security force, the Kogi administration had banned the usage of facemasks in the state. To protect its citizens, other states are taking action.