Hilliard Eta, a former National Vice Chairman South-South of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has charged the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, with acting like the PDP's political wing.

Eta made the statement while criticizing CAN for opposing the APC's Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

At a press conference held on Tuesday at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, Eta claimed that CAN's assertion that the Muslim-Muslim ticket represents an Islamization agenda demonstrates that the organization is functioning like the PDP's political branch.

I have to say this, he said. The PDP's religious wing is called the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). It has been established in this manner, and we have good reason to believe it given that the current Vice President is a Redeemed Christian Church of God.

"However, CAN did not back him in 2019." They didn't support him when he was on the ballot in 2015. They backed Muslim Atiku Abubakar because CAN is a puppet of the PDP.

"We in the South say that the presidency should come to the South whether in the PDP or in the APC. Before this Muslim-Muslim issue came up. Now the PDP did their primaries first and a Fulani Muslim became their candidate, why did this CAN not speak against that ticket?

“All of a sudden CAN now found its voice the minute the APC nominated Sen Shettima as our Vice Presidential candidate. Also, before Sen. Shettima was chosen, we had one Masari on the ballot, I should add.

Kashim Shettima would "lock up the North East geopolitical zone," according to Eta, who emphasized that CAN was against his selection as the APC's vice presidential running mate.

Nigerians had protested Bola Tinubu's selection of Shettima as his running mate for the APC presidential nomination.

Political insiders had pushed Tinubu to choose a Northern Christian as his running mate, but he went with a Muslim.