Supect currently under police custody

 Ikechukwu Onuma, also referred to as "Ayaaya Onye-Obodo," was fatally stabbed by his wife's female lover.

The unidentified woman fatally stabbed the spouse, a member of staff at the College of Health in Onitsha.

According to information obtained, the event took place on Tuesday around 9:20 p.m. at the deceased's home on Ogboli Road in Onitsha, Anambra State.

On Tuesday night, the deceased unexpectedly returned home to find his wife making love in bed with another lady.

According to local sources, he was unaware that his wife was a lesbian and had been maintaining a female sex partner.

The woman allegedly stabbed the man to death with a kitchen knife after an argument in an effort to silence the victim.

The insider claims that "Onitsha has been inundated with news today. People are still in disbelief about how Ayaaya died.

"He was a very attractive man, and he works in the college's administration. It still baffles me how his wife abandoned such a lovely young man to transition into being a lesbian and bring sexual partners into the home.

Ikechukwu is a very popular man in the neighborhood, according to a different source. He also went by the name "Onye Obodo." In 2019, he married his wife.

The incident was confirmed by the Anambra State police, who also reported that the lesbian partner had been taken into custody.

"We have a suspect in custody, and the Commissioner of Police, CP Echeng Echeng, has directed the immediate transfer of the case to the State CID for thorough investigation," said DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, a spokesperson for the state Police Command.

According to early information, the victim was stabbed in the chest by the suspect. He was taken to the hospital quickly, and the attending physician later declared him dead.

"While investigation is ongoing, the cause of the suspect's activity has not yet been determined."