Around midday on Monday, some young people surrounded the airport route, bringing attention once more to the rising level of criminality in Abuja.

The majority of Northern-born motorbike (Okada) operators attacked Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) for seizing their vehicles.

The mob stoned commuters and cars passing the expressway in Lugbe while brandishing sticks and burning tires.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is connected by the road, which also connects a number of settlements.

VARACITY NEWS was informed by an eyewitness that dozens of bikers caused mayhem, made threats to, and insulted drivers.

"I give God praise for my life. Youths from the North were burning tires and throwing stones in a loud protest that was taking place along the Lugbe Road.

"We were able to climb through. They congregated close to the Glory Dome of Dunamis Church, on the side of the road that enters into town, he intimated.

Many people fled for safety, the source continued, while other cars did u-turns and went against the flow of traffic.

In a talk with VARACITY NEWS, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command confirmed the event.

According to DSP Josephine Adeh, a public relations officer, the operators were protesting the VIOs' seizure of their motorcycles.

"As VIO police carried out an enforcement, the began to protest. To uphold law and order, police teams have been dispatched to the area, Adeh continued.

Following the deadly Dei-Dei conflict between traders and commercial motorcycle riders, a similar riot occurred in May.

The nation's capital has been terrorized by youth gangs, who have killed people and seriously injured others.

Among them are the "Bola Boys," a sizable gang of violent youngsters who are primarily homeless and who damage both private and public property, including cars, generators, building supplies, iron barricades, drainage covers, plastic drums, etc.