When robbers broke into the Agwa Divisional Police headquarters in Imo state's Oguta Local Government Area on Friday night, four police officers were slain.

The assailants set fire to a portion of the division and many vehicles, including the Divisional Police Officer's vehicle.

This happened as the assailants broke into the home of a resident only known as Ejike, shot him dead, then shot his wife before running away.

Locals and people in the neighborhood have voiced shock and panic as a result of the development.

They struck in three automobiles at roughly 10 to 11 p.m., according to unnamed community sources.

The shooters entered the police division, according to the sources, driving a tipper and two sedans.

We all fled into our homes as they arrived in a tipper and two Sienna vehicles and began shooting randomly, according to one of the sources. Around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m.

We learned that they were criminals when they attacked the police division, killed four officers there, and set vehicles on fire.

Another source claimed that the man heard gunshots while he was inside his home and decided not to go outside.

He said, "I was inside when I started hearing sounds of gunshots," he remarked. It was safer to stay inside than to go outdoors, so I didn't bother going outside.

"We learned about the attack on the Agwa Divisional Police headquarters this morning. Four police officers died. Male officers were shot dead while two female officers were burnt to death.

"The female officers' section of the building was burned. Several vehicles at the division, including the DPO's vehicle, were set on fire. They also went to the home of Ejike, an Okada guy, where they shot both him and his wife to death. She is still alive.

Another person complained that their citizens were living in dread and urged the government to intervene.

We are living in fears, he declared. No more do we sleep with our eyes closed. Either one of the issues exists. Even the motive for this horrible crime is unknown to us. Two female police officers were roast, and the other two were brutally murdered. It is hostile to humans.

This is incredible. Please send help from God to save us. Please ask the administration to up to the challenge. The situation is out of control. I'm not sure if they want us to flee our houses. It is now comparable to a circumstance. God, kindly assist us.

One of the killed officers had only been on the force for two weeks, according to another source who spoke to our correspondent.

One of the cops slain was a fresh recruit, he declared. After the passing out procession, he had only been a police officer for two weeks.

Our correspondent saw graphic images of the division that was attacked and some officers who were found dead in their blood.

Another source informed our correspondent that the area had been taken over by police officers assigned from outside the division and that state commissioner of police Muhammed Berde was on the way.

When contacted, Michael Abattam, the state police spokesperson, did answer his calls. As of the time this story was filed, he had not replied to messages left on his cell lines.