A new remark regarding Obi-dients has been made by Adams Oshiomole, a former governor of Edo State and current director-general of the campaign for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate.

In the event that Peter Obi's Labour Party supporters turn against him, the politician threatened to pursue them.

This claim was made by Oshiomole during a Wednesday interview on The Morning Show of Arise News.

The former national chairman of the APC had said that the majority of the presidential candidates who had spoken had, in most cases, not fully addressed how they are going to address the problems that Nigeria is currently facing as a country.

Obi was singled out by Oshiomole, who claimed that the Labour Party candidate got away with answering a number of intriguing questions.

He spoke, "

When asked how, Obi responded, "It's a secret."

Oshiomole immediately responded, "I will come after them," when warned that Obi's supporters would pursue him if he criticized their candidate.