Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, recently met with Omoba Abiodun Ogidan, the director general of the Asiwaju Volunteers. The All Progressive Congress' Bola Tinubu presidential candidacy is the focus of a group called the Asiwaju Volunteers. 

According to Varacity news, Omoba Ogidan revealed on his Facebook page that he met Peter Obi on a flight and they had a long talk. He also used the post's comment section to elaborate on his interaction with Peter Obi.

He claimed that Peter Obi had told him that he would be dissatisfied if he had the backing of the entire population because authoritarianism would replace democracy. 

After discussing Peter Obi's response to learning that he supports Bola Tinubu, he said this. He claimed that Peter Obi valued his candor and informed him that Nigeria needs more individuals like him.

According to what Omoba Ogidan said, Peter Obi is aware that Nigeria is a democratic country and that it's alright if he doesn't win everyone's support.