A recent article from Que T'hi Jugues provided a thorough update on Barcelona's financial expectations for the upcoming season.

After going through one of the greatest financial crises at the beginning of the summer, it seems the club has beautifully turned things around and is on track to provide a good outlook for the next 2022–23 season.

In order to put things into perspective, Barcelona finished the 2021/22 season with a net loss of €353 million and a mere €98 million in profit.

However, according to predictions, Barcelona might earn up to €1.3 billion for the forthcoming 2022–23 season, of which €500 million came from the three financial tools the club used during the summer transfer window.

Barcelona's spending from the €1.3 billion in revenue might reach €900 million, with a whopping €620 million going to labor costs including player pay.

But according to the source, Barça has managed to navigate the financial difficulties and balance the accounts in time for the new season.

Barcelona is likely to be exempt due to their workforce expenses of about €620 million, as the current La Liga salary cap for any team competing in the Spanish top flight is €680 million.

These statistics clearly show that Barcelona is currently economically sound and self-sufficient. It indicates that they can now afford players like Bernardo Silva without even approving the sale of Frenkie de Jong.

For Barcelona supporters, who have already had the chance to celebrate the arrivals of several outstanding players over the course of the summer, like Jules Kounde and Robert Lewandowski, among others, it is an exciting prospect.