No shirt sponsor was present for Nottingham Forest's Premier League debut against Newcastle.

In defeat versus Newcastle United, Taiwo Awoniyi made his Premier League debut.

At St. James' Park, Nottingham Forest suffered a 2-0 loss to Newcastle as they made their long-awaited Premier League debut.

Although Forest was participating in their first Premier League match in 23 years, their players appeared off for a very other cause.

While Taiwo Awoniyi and the rest of his colleagues were sporting their traditional white shorts and red shirts, it was odd that their jerseys lacked any sponsoring logos, especially in the modern game of football.

Why were the jerseys for Nottingham Forest blank?

Given that they played with the jersey sponsor "BOXT," Nottingham Forest's decision to start the 2022–23 season with a blank shirt seemed unusual.

Last year, Nottingham Forest had a jersey sponsor, AFP.

To yet, no deal has been reached with any prospective partners. However, their contract ended, and Nottingham Forest declined to renew it because they sought a better shirt deal.

Evangelos Marinakis, the chairman of Forest, is reportedly holding out for a £10 million a season deal and was prepared to begin the season without a sponsor if his demands were not met.

Meanwhile Dr. Dan Plumley, a financial expert from Sheffield Hallam University, believes that Nottingham Forest's unmet expectations are the reason why the team has yet to get a shirt sponsor and may do so in the future.

On Nottingham Forest's comeback to the Premier League, Taiwo Awoniyi donned a blank shirt.

It's ambitious, Hallam told Football Insider. We must consider benchmarks. West Ham's and Everton's are about £10 million or £11 million. Meanwhile, Newcastle and Leeds are getting closer to £7.5m. That is the area that we are considering.

"For a newly promoted team, you're certainly aiming for £6 million or £7 million. Forest is aiming higher than the standard there. Assisting Awoniyi's new club, Hallam claimed.